What’s On Snyder’s Agenda?

It’s an extremist agenda. And actions speak louder than words.

Issue Words Actions
Right To Work “I’m not interested in that. It’s not something I want to see on my desk.” Signed so-called “right to work” legislation for public and private sector employees [Read More...]
Social Issues “As a practical matter, social issues are not on my agenda. We need to come together and focus on putting our economy back together.” Signed House Bill 5711 — which all sides agree will likely result in the closure of facilities that provide abortions and limit Michigan women’s access to critical medical services [Read More...]
Environment “We are truly blessed in this state with some of the world’s greatest natural resources,” Snyder said, mentioning the state’s 11,000 lakes and the Great Lakes. “But we’re going to have to work harder to protect them.” Signed Senate Bill 248, Senate Bill 1130, Senate Bill 1328, and many other bills that environmental groups have rated as negative for Michigan’s environment [Read More...]